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Your Sacred Space

Welcome to Sanctuary Much, a realm of transformation for body, mind and spirit.  If you are seeking inner healing, this is your Sanctuary.  If you are seeking to connect to a higher consciousness, this is your Sanctuary.  If you are seeking positive change within yourself and your life this is your Sanctuary, your Sacred Space.  Welcome Home.

Upcoming Events

January 4th @ 5pm
Full Moon CommUNITY Healing Circle

January 5th 
Reiki Healing Lab (Students, please contact Julie to reserve your appt. time)

January 10th @ 11am
Shamanic Reiki: First Degree

January 17th @ 11am
Shamanic Reiki: Second Degree 

January 24th @ 4pm
Healing With Trees & The 13 Cycles of Power

February 7th @ 11am
CommUNITY Healing Circle

February 9th
Reiki Healing Lab (Students, please contact Julie to reserve your appt. time)

February 13-16th

February 21st @ 4pm
Wiccan Ritual Construction (4 part series)

February 22nd @ 11am
Shamanic Reiki: First Degree

March 8th @ 11am
CommUNITY Healing Circle

March 9th
Reiki Healing Lab (Students, please contact Julie to reserve your appt. time)

March 15th @ 11am
Shamanic Reiki: First Degree

March 28th @ 4pm
As Above, So Below: Working With The Planets To Enhance Your Life (4 part series)


Private Healing Sessions, Readings, and Private Tutorials are available any time.  Please call 818-429-9663 to inquire.

Client Testimony

Julie Roberts has a gift.  What makes her unique is that she shares it with others.  She is a giver.  Each of our sessions has been a different experience.  The latest one has been profound and life changing.  I have felt such peace and bliss ever since, really for the first time in my life. Thank you, you dear person.  ~ Susan C., Woodland Hills, CA


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Current Moon

Meditation Video

The Healing Tree: A Guided Meditation from Julie Roberts on Vimeo.

Relax and unwind after a stressful day to this guided meditation video specifically designed for healing of body, mind and spirit. Beautiful imagery supports the meditation so feel free to watch or simply close your eyes and let your mind go on an inner journey, guided by Reiki Master Teacher Julie Roberts (sanctuary-much.com).

Learn how to identify and give form to mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances we hold within which may affect or phsyical wellbeing over time. Learn how to connect to the energy of the natural world to release these imbalances in a gentle way through the art of meditation. Discover how healing yourself in nature benefits the environment and planet.

This Healing Tree meditation was channeled, created by Divine Spirit and written and spoken through Reiki Master Julie Roberts (sanctuary-much.com) as a gift back to the community. Thank you, Peter Dana, for the amazing imagery and editing of this piece. Special thanks also go out to High Priestess (faeriearchives.com) for the beautiful music. Many blessings to you.

This is our gift back to the community and is created from a place of boundless love. Enjoy. Namaste.